Luciano Ruiz

Luciano is a rising star of Buenos Aires filmmaking scene. To put it in his own words: “To talk about my first steps in the industry I need to go back to when my height was less than a meter. During my childhood and teenage years I worked as an actor, an experience that allowed me to discover all the different sides of an audiovisual world: ads, theater, film and TV, being part of massive teen show cast (yes, I still own a box with posters and magazines with my face and not because I’m a crazy megalomaniac). After that I closed my acting phase and started working as an ad agency producer, earning the chance to not only produce but also direct some pieces in-house. That’s when the idea of being a full time​ director came to me. And here I am, experimenting with different aesthetic ideas and ways to make professional commercials while also taking the time to develop personal projects.”